25th Anniversary of Airbus Development

Thank you for the invitation to participate in the celebration of Airbus Development 25th Anniversary! We are proud to be part of this amazing industrial family.

STRADOT Received a Grant From Salta and Argentinian Governments

In June 24th, STRADOT LATAM was awarded a non-reimbursable grant for the development of the robot’s subsystems.  The funding comes from the “Primer Fondo Salteño” (First Fund from Salta) to promote the Knowledge Economy financed by the Government of Salta Province and the national government of Argentina. The beneficiaries of the grant were presented in the […]

STRADOT in La Tribune

Thank you to La Tribune for featuring STRADOT in the Innovation section of their website!


STRADOT has been recently featured in CNES magazine and website, in their special issue of GNSS to discuss the contributions of France and CNES to the European satelite navigation systems. Please read interviews of our CEO, José Iriarte, and CNES navigation expert, Marc Jeannot: [QUÉZAKO ?] CE ROBOT-VOITURIER DOUBLE LA CAPACITÉ DES PARKINGS José is […]

STRADOT in Le Journal des Entreprises

It’s an honour to be featured in Le Journal des Entreprises, covering such an important topic as STRADOT’s industrialisation planning.  We deeply appreciate the recognition.

STRADOT in inSALTA Newspaper

Thank you, InSALTA, for interviewing and featuring us on your site! InSALTA, a digital newspaper, is writing about STRADOT LATAM and introducing 4 of our team members. 

Award of Les Inn’Ovation 2022

Thanks Occitanie Region!!! STRADOT team was awarded the Intelligent and Sustainable Mobility prize from the main regional innovation contest, Les Inn’Ovations 2022. We are grateful for this recognition led by the president of the jury, Stefan May, from Continental France, the vice-president of Occitanie, Jalil Benabdillah, and the development agency, AD’OCC.

STRADOT Presentation in Knowledge Economy Conference

In the 1st Knowledge Economy Conference (1e Encuentro Economia del Conocimiento) organized by the Salta Ministry of the Economy in charge of Roberto Dib Ashur, STRADOT presented its vision and robotic solutions for mobility and logistics. Sharing the panel with Andres Jara Werchau (Nubimetrics), Pablo Moraga (Clúster Tecnológico Salta), Roberto Hernandez (LA.TE. ANDES S.A.), Leandro Parache (Globant), Salta Minister of Production Martín De Los Ríos, and […]

STRADOT participated in Ciclo Startups

STRADOT participated in the Ciclo Startups organized by CAI (Centro Argentino de Ingenieros) to encourage young people to choose technological university careers.