Smart ways to reduce costly overheight collisions


>>> protect your vehicle and valuable cargo from bridge strikes

>>> preventing a widespread safety problem

To avoid bridge strikes, STRADOT develops unique, cost-effective solutions derived from our robotics perception systems. Three different products are proposed to better meet specific user’s needs: whether to protect expensive and sensitive loads; or to protect a big fleet of vehicles circulating in dense urban areas; or an quick measurement device to precisely know your vehicles’ heights.

BAT Sensor

Ideal for a critical mission / valuable cargo

A laser-based device to actively scan structures/obstacles ahead on your road in real time.​

Ideal for a big fleet

A mobile application with pre-loaded database of bridges height and geopositioning to alert the drivers of potential bridge strikes.

Ideal for your site

A laser-based sensor to be installed at your site to measure the vehicle’s height automatically, quickly, and with high precision.