Protect your vehicle and valuable cargo from bridge strikes


BAT – the Bridge Alert Technology – is an intelligent optical device. The solution is derived from the robotics perception systems developed at STRADOT. Installed on your vehicle’s dashboard in less than 1 minute, BAT actively scans structures and obstacles ahead on your road, giving in real time warning to the driver.

Inaccurate clearance signs, fluctuating vehicle's height, and changing road plans are some common factors behind each bridge collisions.

Protect your cargo
Design for expensive and sensitive loads. Ideal for vehicle logistics, heavy machinery transport, dangerous goods
Easy to install
Inside the cabin. Get up and running in 1 minute!
Get low bridge warning
The BAT system alerts the driver to avoid low clearance bridges
Adjust your road on time
Have 40 m to 200 m of margin to react
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Rent, leasing or buying, BAT solutions adapt to your budget. Get a quote in 24H. We deliver globally.

Easy installation
Dashboard mounted
Realtime measurement
Reduce insurance cost

To avoid bridge strikes,
make sure your low-clearance database is updated!

Low Clearance Bridges Database

Many bridge strikes are caused by unmarked low clearances and out-of-date panels. STRADOT allows to quickly and cost-effectively map all low bridges in a geographic area of interest. Drive your trucks with accurate and regularly updated navigation applications.

We generate both proprietary and open-source database of points of interest (POIs) containing all type of structures over the road: railroad bridges, overpasses, tunnels, covered bridges, as well as cables and trees.

Our customers are big and small transport companies and the public sector aiming to protect the infrastructures.