STRADOT Received a Grant From Salta and Argentinian Governments


In June 24th, STRADOT LATAM was awarded a non-reimbursable grant for the development of the robot’s subsystems. 

The funding comes from the “Primer Fondo Salteño” (First Fund from Salta) to promote the Knowledge Economy financed by the Government of Salta Province and the national government of Argentina.



The beneficiaries of the grant were presented in the meeting held in the presence of Gustavo Sáenz (the Governor of Salta); Daniel Filmus (the Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation of the Nation); and the technical team of the Provincial Agency for Scientific Promotion and Technological Innovation, who are responsible for evaluating and selecting the projects, under the direction of Lic. Martín Güemes.

STRADOT welcomes the government investment in the technology projects in the province where they are located. We greatly appreciate this support that will allow us to accelerate the development and market access.