Bridge Alert Technology – Mobile App

Mobile application to protect your vehicle and valuable cargo from bridge strikes BAT Mobile Application – a smartphone application alerting the proximity of low bridges which clearance height and geo-positioning is preloaded in a database. The alert signal is shown on the phone screen as a three-color indicator emulating a traffic light, considering the vehicle […]

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Measure accurately the height of your vehicle and cargo to avoid low clearance collisions Get a quote

HCAM – Measure vehicle height

Measure the height of your vehicles, automatically, to minimize the height collision risks HCAM by STRADOT Protect your assets and reduce cost of insurance services. Install HCAM at your site to measure the height of each truck and their cargo before they leave the compound. HCAM automatically detects the highest point of the truck/cargo, providing […]

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Protect your vehicle and cargo from the bridge strikes Request a quote now!

Bridge Alert Technology

Protect your vehicle and valuable cargo from bridge strikes BAT by STRADOT BAT – the Bridge Alert Technology – is an intelligent optical device. The solution is derived from the robotics perception systems developed at STRADOT. Installed on your vehicle’s dashboard in less than 1 minute, BAT actively scans structures and obstacles ahead on your […]