Airport Parking

Revolutionizing airport parking with robotic solutions >>> a win-win for travelers and airport management >>> The future is here, and it’s paving the way for a hassle-free travel experience. Whether you’re a business traveler racing against time or a family embarking on a dream vacation, valet robot parking is about to change the way you […]


Let’s work together >>> be part of our mission to make sustainable mobility happen Join us! In 2019, STRADOT was founded with a clear mission in mind: to develop and industrialize robotics solutions that promote sustainable mobility. We firmly believe that low-impact transportation is a crucial societal need, and that autonomous systems can play a […]

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No Net Land Take

Robotic solution to reduce soil sealing >>> one solution to help reach No Net Land Take by 2050 >>> Enable authorities to comply with BAF requirement in the urban planning Soil sealing is considered a severe form of land take, characterized by development of new buildings, road, parking, and other infrastructure due to urban sprawl. […]

Our Team

  Our Team >>> STRADOT team has a vast experience and knowledge in aerospace, defence, IoT and infrastructure projects. Président Jose IRIARTE C E O Nicolas HERNANDEZ C T O Lucas IRIARTE Operation Julien GRENIER VP Engineering Adriana MARTIN Business Development

Vehicle Logistics

Finished Vehicles Logistics

Robotics solution for vehicle logistics >>> optimize movements in car compounds to improve efficiency    >>> denser  Thanks to the straddle capability of our robots, the circulation lanes can be eliminated, so as to maximize the capacity up to 100%.   >>> faster  No more intermediate movement, our robots can have direct access to any […]


Delivering hospitality experience with robotic valet parking   >>> enhancing guests experience, from the moment they arrive >>> STRADOT’s robotic mobility solution brings a seamless experience, safety and conveniences to your front doors.  For your customers Unlock convenience: bid farewell to cruising for parking or navigating parking garages. Directly transport your customers to the transfer cabin, hassle-free.  […]


Return to All Solutions BAT Sensor BAT App HCAM HCAM by STRADOT Protect your assets and reduce cost of insurance services. Install HCAM at your site to measure the height of each truck and their cargo before they leave the compound. HCAM automatically detects the highest point of the truck/cargo, providing 1-cm precision measurement. Eliminate […]

BAT Sensor

Return to All Solutions BAT Sensor BAT App HCAM BAT Sensor by STRADOT BAT – the Bridge Alert Technology – is an intelligent optical device. The solution is derived from the robotics perception systems developed at STRADOT. Installed on your vehicle’s dashboard in less than 1 minute, BAT actively scans structures and obstacles ahead on […]


Return to All Solutions BAT Sensor BAT App HCAM Mobile application to protect your fleet from bridge strikes BAT Mobile Application – a smartphone application alerting the proximity of low bridges which clearance height and geo-positioning is preloaded in a database. The alert signal is shown on the phone screen as a three-color indicator emulating […]