🤝 Nous sommes heureux d’annoncer que Uniroad et STRADOT ont conclu un partenariat stratégique. Notre objectif est d’accélérer l’adoption de la robotique dans les chaînes de distribution automobile, améliorant ainsi l’efficacité opérationnelle et l’empreinte au sol dans la logistique des véhicules finis. Restez à l’écoute pour plus de mises à jour sur notre collaboration !

STRADOT and UNIROAD: a partnership for robotizing the finished vehicle logistics

  • UNIROAD and STRADOT have entered into a strategic partnership to accelerate the adoption of stateof-the-art robotics in automotive logistics.
  • The innovative solutions developed by STRADOT and the rich industry expertise from UNIROAD will contribute to produce unique offers to support customers in specific market segments looking for productivity enhancements.
  • The objective is to improve operational efficiency and land footprint in vehicle factories, distribution centers, and ports.

An agreement was signed between UNIROAD SRL and STRADOT SAS for the commercialization of STRADOT-based robotic systems at a time when significant growth is expected in robotic applications for transportation and logistics. The signing was carried out by Mr. Davide Sobrino, Managing Director of UNIROAD and Mr. Jose Iriarte, co-founder and CEO of STRADOT.


Established in 1989, UNIROAD embraces a team of professionals with over 35 years’ experience in the Automotive Logistics sector, well grounded in its ability to provide a superior level of service and products to customers. The company with headquarters in Italy delivers one stop solutions that are not only durable but also efficient and safe for moving finished vehicles. UNIROAD has grown and been part of the success story of our long term customers. Its product distribution range supports vehicle movements within compound, off-road, national or distance distribution.

More information: |  | +39 011 771 0687  |  Corso Trapani 16, 10139, Turin, Italy


Founded in 2019, STRADOT is a robotics company based in Toulouse (France) and Salta (Argentina) specialized in storage and movement of vehicles in very dense environments. Its multi awarded automatic valet parking was conceived for several applications including vehicle yards, airport parking, and car rentals. The company offers best-in-class solutions to free up space on existing sites, avoid new buildings to maintain a carbon balance, or solving recruitment challenges for labor intensive activities.

More information: | +33 5 61 80 35 95 | 18 impasse Las Crozes, 31450 Pompertuzat, France